"Anti-Racist": "A Codeword For Anti-White"

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"Anti-Racist": "A Codeword For Anti-White"

Post by . on Tue Oct 25, 2016 9:24 pm

"In some ways we can relate to Islamic extremists...because they're fighting a holy war and so are we"

Steve Howard
Mississipi KKK

The Ult-Right uses symbols or memes to convey and reinforce a point. And White Nationalist, Robert Whitaker coined the phrase, "anti-racist is a code-word for anti-White". Whitaker states that the Jew is a contributing factor. The media I witness daily, is consistently one-sided against Whites. And (Hollywood) "Mogul" is a symbol I use for Jew.

The use of (the same) words used by the media to attack White solidarity, shows the intensity of the anti-White attack.

I use the term 'Mogul' to describe the Asper, Levin, Newhouse, Eisner, Dammerman, Bronfman and Chernins. Together, they control Global TV, NBC, ABC, CNN, CBS, MTV and own over 75 newspapers. They own the media and determine the tone. The media is so consistently one-sided, most would accept it as the norm.


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